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10:00 AM
Opening comments with Shira Lazar
10:05 AM
Kevin Chou Interview
10:11 AM
Sakina Arsiwala tells us about a new kind of Social Network: Taki
10:19 AM
Omar Siddiqui talks about what it takes to be a Web3 Gaming Publisher
10:33 AM
Chad Etsell and Hotline: The Web3 Only Fans
10:40 AM
Weiwei Geng CEO of Unite shares their commitment to helping brands transition from Web2 to Web3
10:45 AM
Sydney Lai and Amin Iman look back on the DAO became Somewhere Street
10:54 AM
Allie Macpherson tells us all about Allie Coin and a new way of gaming
10:59 AM
Gary Henderson talks about what it takes to launch your own coin
11:03 AM
Special Announcement by RLY CMO Jeremiah Owyang


  • 01

    Emcee: Shira Lazar

    Creative Entrepreneur/ On-Air Personality

    What's Trending
    Emcee: Shira Lazar

    Shira Lazar is the founder and CEO of the Emmy Nominated digital media brand What's Trending. She is a Web3 advocate, co...

  • 02

    Omar Siddiqui


    Joyride Games
    Omar Siddiqui

    Omar Siddiqui is an entrepreneur, investor, and faculty member at Stanford. He currently serves as the CEO of Joyride Ga...

  • 03

    Sakina Arsiwala


    Sakina Arsiwala

    Sakina Arsiwala, has held Product and Growth leadership positions at Nextdoor, YouTube, Google Search Internationally. S...

  • 04

    Kevin Chou

    Managing Partner

    Kevin Chou

    Kevin Chou is Managing Partner of SuperLayer, the leading Web3 venture studio for launching new multi-chain, tokenized c...

  • 05

    Chad Etsell


    Chad Etsell

    Ran multiple product teams for Pornhub, building the future of human sexuality, previously at buuteeq/, Datas...

  • 06

    Amin Iman

    Core Contributor

    Somewhere Street DAO
    Amin Iman

    Amin Iman is a Core Contributor at Somewhere Street (formerly RLY Ecosystem DAO). His previous roles involve designing p...

  • 07

    Sydney Lai

    DAO Contributor

    Somewhere Street
    Sydney Lai

    Sydney Lai is a developer advocate, helping the masses adopt web3 by removing the friction for onboarding. Previously wo...

  • 08

    Weiwei Geng


    Weiwei Geng

    Weiwei was co-founder of Rally and served as Managing Director China at Gen.G, a leading esports organization with top t...

  • 09

    Allie Macpherson

    Founder & CEO

    Allie Coin
    Allie Macpherson

    Allie is a content creator, gamer, and web3 enthusiast. She started streaming card games on Twitch six years ago under t...

  • 10

    Gary Henderson


    Gary Club
    Gary Henderson

    Gary Henderson is the founder of $GARY Coin, The Giraffe Tower, and the author of The Clubhouse Creator! Prior to Web3 G...

  • 11

    Jeremiah Owyang

    Chief Marketing Officer

    RLY Network Association
    Jeremiah Owyang

    Jeremiah is the CMO of RLY Network Association, a web3 ecosystem for tokenized consumer applications. He has founded thr...


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